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My name is Ali Foley, and I'm a Chicago-based actor, singer, and improviser.

I was born in St. John's, Newfoundland to two parents with a passion for travel. After spending the better part of ten years meandering across North America, the Foleys settled down in Lincoln, Nebraska.  (Therefore, I consider myself a good Midwesterner at heart.)  The wanderlust proved hereditary; I have spent the majority of my career performing in regional theaters across the country - from the beaches of Florida to the plains of Iowa, to the mountains of Alaska! Eventually,  "The Windy City" called and I made the permanent move; nowadays, I spend my days eating at local cafes, writing original songs, and pretending I'm not cold.


I graduated magna cum laude with a BFA in Theatre Performance from Shenandoah Conservatory and am represented by bmg Talent Group.  A perpetual student, I've graduated from the iO Theatre improv program and am currently involved in The Second City Conservatory, Matthew Ellenwood Vocal Studios, and Green Shirt Studio's writing program. I've performed with some wonderful companies, including iO Comedy Theatre, The Second City, freeFall Theatre, The Hippodrome, Short North Stage, Holland America Princess, The Old Creamery, The Wit's Shakesbeer, Theatre Evolve, and Mount Hope Productions.

In addition to theatre, I frequently work as an educator. For the past four years,

"Ms. Ali" has taught children, ages 6 months to 12 years old. I've lead classes in ESL, writing, music, art, and dance, and also directed several Broadway Junior productions for Skyline Studios Children's Theatre and the Lincoln Community Playhouse! In the winter of 2019 I began working as an ACT/SAT and elementary school tutor.


Of course, no "about me" page would be complete without childhood pictures.

The standard is filled below!

Everyone needs a good bath photo.
A Hufflepuff, a Slytherin, and two Gryff
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