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The Glass Menagerie (Laura)

"(Laura,) a role inhabited with exquisitely awkward grace by Ali Foley. (...) The family is extremely well-cast; they look and feel like a family, not an easy achievement​."

- David Warner, Creative Loafing Tampa

"Ali Foley also comes up big as Laura Wingfield, Tom’s introverted sister who collects glass knick-knacks. She inhabits the part physically and in shattering waves of anxiety, particularly when forced to greet the gentleman caller sent to rescue her family"

-Andrew Meacham, Tampa Bay Times

"Tom (...) tells us of his sister Laura, done delicately and beautifully by Ali Foley, a very fragile human being that simply hasn't the capacity to face life as others do and must."

- Joseph Parra, Stage, TV, and Cinema Artists Blog

(Click here to see my interview about The Glass Menagerie on Tampa Bay's Morning Blend)

The Andrews Brothers (Peggy Jones)

"Ali Foley’s Peggy was a gal with moxie . . . . Her dance moves were superb, and her singing voice was sweet and pure."

- The Iowa Theatre Blog

"Ali Foley, playing Americaʼs sweetheart, has a lovely stage presence and gets her feet under her to sing some truly challenging songs."

- ASI Bulletin

Every Christmas Story Ever Told (and then some...)  (Michael Track)

"[They] try their best to cram in as many Beloved Holiday Classics as time and physics allow. And with the able assistance and boundless energy of Hipp newcomer Ali Foley they very nearly pull it off."

- Rob Cunningham, Gainesville Sun


With [...] three actors (Mark Chambers, Logan Wolfe, and Ali Foley) that will keep you laughing from start to finish.

-Donald Simpson, Village News

Bad Jews  (Melody)


"The professional area premiere is buoyed by superb acting (...)

Foley presents Melody’s niceness and polite people-pleasing as a naïve outsider who walks inadvertently into an unexpectedly fraught situation. Her patience under duress and belief in the better angels of our nature earns sympathy(.)"

-Michael Grossburg, The Columbus Dispatch

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